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February 22, 2018

Turn the Lights Down Low.... or Up!

Cori HannaHealth & Safety

How Lighting Impacts Employee Productivity

While Canada scores high on the level of research and development, the commercialization rate of Canadian new-to-market products is among the lowest of OECD countries. This means that Canadian businesses and the government are not receiving the full value of their investment in R&D. The following series examines multiple options available to Canadian companies to bridge the major commercialization gaps in the Manufacturing, ICT, and Agri-Food industries to maximize the return on R&D investment.

FOOD, BEVERAGE, BIO & AG CONFERENCE: 14th Annual Strategy Institute North American Food Safety Summit

EMC’s manufacturing membership is COAST-to-COAST (British Columbia through to Newfoundland and Labrador), with a total manufacturing audience that includes 40,000+ employers and 800,000 manufacturing employees!

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