Additional Lean Programs

Lean Courses - Value Stream Solutions

Creating Continuous Flow - ½ Day + Activity (opt.) 

Building on the basic concepts introduced in Value Stream Mapping, this workshop explains the “How to” behind true, make one and move one using a standard process that can be applied in all areas of a business.

Developing Pull Systems (KANBAN) - ½ Day+ Activity (opt.)

Building on the basic concepts introduced in Value Stream Mapping, this workshop explains the “How to” behind pull systems, where one-piece flow is not possible, using a standard process that can be applied in all areas of a business.

FMEA - Failure Mode & Effects Analysis - 1 Day

This program provides participants with insight on how FMEA can be used effectively (under the umbrella of Lean Thinking) as a means to answer the “what ifs?” that arise whenever change occurs in an organization and generates a risk analysis and action plan to prevent or control high-risk issues from occurring.

Facilitation Skills, Team – 2 days

Facilitation is an essential business skill when working with teams of people to complete projects, engage in problem solving or implement Kaizen improvements. At a minimum, every team leader, supervisor and manager should have the skills to facilitate action and empower teams to get the results they need.

Kaizen Event – 5 Days

This 5-day process facilitated by our very experienced Kaizen masters, leads a team of 6 to 8 participants through a rapid improvement process to achieve significant results in a short period of time

Kaizen Train the Trainer - 7 or 8 Kaizen Events

Our proven Kaizen ‘Train the Trainer’ program as delivered millions in savings and productivity gains across all industries. This program is developed for a small group of facilitators to trained and give them practice at facilitating Kaizen events over the course of 1 year.  By using real Kaizen events as the learning ground, the company will benefit by receiving ROI from the very first event, often enough to cover the costs of the entire program.

Lean Accounting - 1 Day

Lean Accounting introduces these key individuals to the concepts and tools that will help them understand the role Finance should play in the Lean journey and to be able to make changes to their current costing strategies so that Lean opportunities are not lost.

Lean Assessment, Informal (ILA) - 2 to 3 hours

The typical agenda for these visits includes an introductory meeting with key process owners to discuss the history of the company, the current state of business, near term and long-term goals.  After this, a full walk through of the operation allows the advisor to “see the truth”.  After the walk-around provide a simple verbal synopsis of their perception of your company’s ‘Lean’ potential and then follow that up with a short, written assessment and recommendations.

Lean Management System – 10 – 1-day Modules

The Lean Management System (LMS) is a combination of activities and processes that ensure Lean methods and practices are implemented, sustained and improved upon. The main tenets of robust Lean Management System are; Lean knowledge and expertise, Engagement and empowerment of People, Processes to Measure- Analyze – Improve and, Accountability for those processes throughout the organization.

Lean Principles, Introduction- Lean 101 – up to 1 Day

This customizable presentation (depending on your needs) is designed to provide a beginning to your continuous improvement journey towards operational excellence and to begin communicating to employees, a roadmap for change, to those companies already on the journey.

Lean Supervisor Program - 2 Days

This workshop was developed for companies that want to develop their front-line leaders to manage, lead and coach employees for high performance results. This group of people influences the largest population of employees. It is critical they acquire the skills to excel.

Management Skills and Leadership Styles – 1 Day

This course explores the minimum legal requirements needed for supervising people and processes, while building leadership skills and coaching/mentoring strategies toward a culture of operational excellence.

Practice of Leadership Workshop – 3 Days over 3 months (Private In-House Only)

The purpose of this training to develop a greater 'bench strength' among employees and future leaders and to move away from 'boss / employee' to 'coach / team' culture.  The program uses a variety of methods to have people discover what tendencies they already have (good and bad) and how to transition those tendencies to coaching behaviours.  Given that becoming a leader is a lifelong journey, this program sets out to create the right behaviours that participants can practice and master with each other throughout their careers. 
This workshop is delivered in modules (3 days total) with homework needing to be completed between sessions.  The homework is a combination of personal discovery, personal development and interaction with peers and employees

Root Cause Analysis (5 Why’s) – ½ Day + Activity (opt.)

This program is designed to provide participants with practical tools for problem solving and achieve effective solutions.  This workshop gives participants a strong foundation in basic problem-solving methods and tools so that they can confidently tackle everyday business problems such as; quality defects, machine downtime, less than ideal process performance, customer complaints, waste and scrap, as well as internal process breakdowns between departments

Setup Time Reduction – Principles of SMED – ½ Day + Activity

The deadliest waste, Overproduction, can be caused by many business processes (people) and technology (machines).  One of the greatest contributors to overproduction is the time it takes to change a machine over from one product type to another product type.

TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) – ½ Day + Activity (opt.)

 Total Productive Maintenance is a combination of three strategies, reactive maintenance, preventative maintenance, and predictive maintenance. TPM is the culmination of all employees in an organization, working together to eliminate unplanned downtime.

Value Stream Mapping; Production or Office options – Up to 3 Days

This workshop teaches how to use one of the most important Lean tools; Value Stream Mapping.  Beginning with current state mapping, participants will learn how to map and then apply future state thinking to the development of a map of the future state to begin implementing change.  Available in a 1-day, 2-day or 3-day format, this workshop is a must for those on a journey to operational excellence.  An office specific version of this workshop is available upon request for those in administrative operations and support functions.

Visual Management - ½ Day + Activity (opt.)

This workshop shows participants how to get critical information to be present where it is most needed and for the people that most need it.  It also demonstrated the importance of keeping important information front and center for all to see and separate it from the less important information that distracts and clutters decision making int the workplace.

Lean in Office Administration, Finance & Purchasing: 5S for the Office – 1/2 Day + Activity (opt.)

This program explores how this key principle of Lean Enterprise thinking applies to office environments and will help support your corporate improvement strategy.