Additional Culture Courses

Additional Culture Courses

Controlling Absenteeism

This course provides concrete approaches for getting good attendance. Using case studies and discussions, we present the guiding principles and practices to let you take charge of these difficult cases fairly.

Managing “Me”

This 1-day workload management program that helps individuals and teams do ‘More’ with ‘Less’ and execute on strategic priorities, by raising the bar in how they plan, focus, organize and manage expectations. It’s about choices, courageous conversations and laser focus.

Performance Management

This program gives manager and supervisors a solid grounding in defining performance, giving coaching and feedback, and conducting performance reviews. 

Secrets of Handling Difficult Attendance Cases

Every manufacturer has those problem cases:  the person who misses a day every week after working overtime on their days off; the person with the “helpful” family doctor; the person who demands accommodation but then insists the modified duties you give them aren’t quite right; the person who seems to suffer from a mental condition but insists they’re just fine; the union representative who argues that you can’t question a doctor’s note; the person who won’t explain their “personal” absence.

Turnaround Interview correction without discipline

This popular and practical workshop teaches a new and effective technique for helping employees break bad workplace habits – without resorting to discipline or the threat of discipline.   It works in both unionized and non-unionized operations and is based on sound psychological principles.  Turnaround Interview TM puts an end to minor but persistent problems such as lateness, excessive breaks, procedural shortcuts, rule-stretching, personal calls, negativity, etc.  It is a two-day course because of the extensive practice needed to become proficient in the practical techniques it teaches.

Communications Skills for Supervisors and Managers

Managers generally underestimate the impact their communication style has on their peoples’ engagement and effectiveness. This one-day program will allow you to: know your personal communication style, its strengths and shortcomings and make a plan for personal development. It will allow you to develop new language habits and avoid morale killing terms and ways to speaking

Customer Service

Customer Service Training for both External and Internal customers is a customized 1 Day session held in EMC Member facilities. The attendees will participate in a team activity that will have them work together to improve communication, enhance creativity and boost productivity. They will have a lot of fun in the process.

Handling Difficult Performance Conversations

Learn how to master the most difficult conversations! Corrections without discipline! The Handling Tough Performance Conversations is a carefully crafted roadmap for speaking with an employee about annoying workplace issues – things like minor rule-bending, lateness, negativity, excessive phone use.

Managing and Mediating Workplace Conflict

This one-day program gives managers and supervisors the tolls to understand conflict and their role in preventing and resolving it.