Peer to Peer Networking


Led by our FSAs, SIG events are high-impact networking sessions…the backbone of every EMC consortium.

At these sessions, members share best practices, experiences, benchmark with other companies, and participate in plant tours. They also discuss everything that happens in a manufacturing facility, and ways to improve it. All SIG Events are structured to help members continuously improve their processes, and you can attend a SIG in any consortium region! SIG Events focus on Lean initiatives and tools, human resources procedures and policies, health and safety, purchasing, IT, quality, production, maintenance and more. View the power of a SIG event below....

Round Table Networking:"Sharing and Stealing with Pride"

  • Manufacturers all around you are dealing with the same things right now. They are on your street, in your town or in your region and they produce a whole range of products.
  • Some are struggling to solve the same puzzle you solved last week, while others may have solved your current puzzle last month. The challenge is, how do you get to know these people?
  • Bringing people together at the grass roots level is the foundation of Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium.

EMC Field Service Advisors (FSA)

FSA`s are dedicated professionals with a background in manufacturing working on the ground in your community providing: Hands on facilitation of all member related activities. Organizing and facilitating the local Strategic Interest Groups (SIG).
  • Hands on facilitation of all member related activities.
  • Promote and encourage member networking
  • Organizing and facilitating the local Strategic Interest Groups (SIG).
  • Member networking Liaising between members, government and other relevant organizations
  • Assist members with challenges in organization and work towards solutions
  • Inform member of many cost saving opportunities available with their membership
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