Celebrating 20 Years



Our Stability Means Your Success

As we enter the second half of our 20th anniversary celebration, I’ve taken some time to reflect back on our history. Over nearly three decades [10 years informally] we have developed thousands of trusted relationships with manufacturers across Canada and have established over 60 consortiums regions and still growing!

The stability in the operational side of EMC is the tie that binds these relationships together. Our focus on innovation and the execution of excellence and new opportunities allows us the ability to support our member’s growth and competitiveness. 2018 will see the introduction new initiatives and changes to ensure our members and manufacturers across Canada remain competitive in a global market.

A few examples are:

  • Innovating even further our ‘value based’ core business
  • Rolling out Manufacturing Essentials Certification (MEC) program
  • Our insightful 2018 Energy Summit
  • Evergreen Labour Market Intelligence Reports through Manufacturing GPS   

Utilizing our history, our commitment to our members, and the support of our dedicated team, we will continue to demonstrate this innovation and excellence every day. Our mission continues… enabling “members sharing to optimize learning, expertise and resources to achieve world-class”. I’m looking forward to sharing the excitement of 2018 with you and working with our team to ensure this is your most successful year yet!



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