Frequently Asked Questions

What are the changes happening at EMC?

 Effective February 5th, 2018 the following changes will take effect:

  • Jim McCoubrey, Chair of the Board, EMC, will be transitioning to Director, Board of Directors
  • Al Diggins, President and General Manager, EMC, will be transitioning into the role of Chair of the Board, Treasurer and EMC General Manager.
  • Shawn Casemore, Board of Directors for EMC, will be transitioning into the role of President

How might this transition in leadership impact my membership?

The changes in leadership at EMC have no impact on membership. As a member of EMC, you still have access to all of the valuable programs and services we offer.

Is EMC’s focus in how we interact with/help our members changing?

There are no changes to how EMC will function on a daily basis. Our philosophy and daily focus remains intact, that is to help our members share ideas and benchmark opportunities that in turn will help them deal with day-to-day complexities and critical issues affecting the running of their manufacturing operation.

Will my membership fee increase?

There are no plans to change membership fees which have remained at their current level for nearly 15 years.

When can I meet the new President?

Over the coming weeks and months, Al and Shawn will be travelling to connect with many members, stakeholders and community partners at SIGs and various other events across Canada.
 We will be sure to share updates with you on a weekly basis about these travels.

In the interim however you can feel free to contact Al Diggins or Shawn Casemore anytime at 
1-866-323-4362 or send them an email: or

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