Pre-Start Reviews

Pre-Start Reviews -- Health, Safety and Productivity

Pre Start Health and Safety Reviews incompliance with Section 7 of the Regulation for Industrial Establishment: Flammable liquids, Machine guarding including interlocks and electronic guarding devices, Racking and Stacking Structures, Processes that may produce an explosion such as spray booth, Dust Collectors, Lifting devices
Guarding/Electrical circuit design for guarding devices such as interlocks, light curtains, safety mats and laser scanners. Guarding modeling in 3-D CAD for input / approval by equipment operators and supervisors. Racking inspections to manufacturer's recommendations. JHSC training on machine guarding, inspections and PHSR's
Ministry of Labour interventions:Section 54 sign offs of equipment that is 'not likely to endanger any worker's
Equipment Design Consulting and Project Management

Providing Services to the following sectors:

Automotive Parts
Machining and Metal Processing
Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturing
Aerosol Packaging
Consumer Goods
Thermoplastic Hose
Rubber Products
Silk Screening
Health Care
Food Processing and Packaging
Plastics and Vinyl Manufacturing
Vinyl Window and Window Glass Manufacturing

EMC is pleased to announce the addition of Industrial Performance Group Inc. to our team of trusted subject matter experts.  Since 2000 Industrial Performance Group Inc has specialized in the equipment side of industrial safety consistently meeting the combined requirements of worker safety, compliance with regulatory and industry standard requirements, and the budget constraints of manufacturers. Negotiation of extensions and interim measures to allow equipment to safety operate during review and modifications. Industrial Performance Group Inc also provides reports that may be ordered during a Ministry of Labour inspection. These are usually ordered under section 54 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, and require the employer to hire an Engineer licensed in Ontario to sign off that the equipment is 'not likely to endanger any worker'.

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