Health & Safety Mentoring

  1. Health & Safety Mentoring - rent an EHS pro to establish/develop your Management Systems including written policies & procedures, EHS communications/talks, training with an end goal of transitioning program ownership to your Company personnel.
  2. Supervisor Competency - due diligence training for your supervisors, tailored to your workplace procedures and hazards
  3. Empowering JHSC - mentoring your JHSC to help get the most out of their meetings and inspections
    Workwell readiness - Health & Safety Management System development if your company has been targeted for an audit or if they want to be prepared
  4. WSIB Claims Management - guidance with claims & understanding NEER
About the Facilitator: EMC's Laura Rourke will be using her vast experience and expertise to bring new and exciting ideas and highly value-added services to our Safety Group members. All EMC members will benefit, through SIG initiatives, business briefings and other special events. Laura's personal goal is to continue to help make EMC's Safety Groups "the best in Ontario", while setting a new standard of excellence in providing services to EMC members, most importantly as a full-time in-house resource.

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