EMC Welcomes New Health & Safety Expert

  1. Workplace Ergonomics
  2. Ergonomic Assessments
  3. Physical and Cognitive Demands Assessments
  4. Musculoskeletal Disorder Prevention processes and assistance
  5. Return to Work and Accommodation Assessments
  6. Ergonomic Training for Committees, Employees and Management - Onsite and Webinars
  7. Office Ergonomic Assessments
  8. Office Ergonomics Training - Onsite and Webinars
  9. Ergonomic Job Compatibility Assessments
  10. Ergonomic Job Suitability / Job Matching Assessments
  11. Stretching & Warm-up Programs
  12. Job Rotation Planning
  13. Post Offer Pre-employment Testing
  14. Health & Safety Programs and Training
  15. Hygiene - Office and Industrial Testing - air, noise, chemicals
  16. Job Safety Hazard Analyses
ERGOlogo2011blueshaded.jpgERGO is a workplace Ergonomics, Injury Prevention & Safety Consulting and Training firm that has been providing companies with practical ergonomic and injury prevention solutions for over 20 years. Ergonomists are experienced, certified professionals with expertise in Musculoskeletal Disorder Prevention, Ergonomic Assessments, Physical Demands Assessments, Accommodation and Return to Work, Pre-employment Screening and Occupational Health & Safety.  "Healthy Workers Add Up to Healthy Profits ™". 

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