ISO 14001 Implementation

ISO 14001 Implementation

ISO 14001 is an international standard for an environmental management system.  Implementing ISO 14001 will help companies develop a systematic approach to managing the environmental aspects of their business.  Like the quality management system, it provides structure to a continual improvement cycle based on Plan, Do, Check, Act through documentation, environmental programmes, audits, corrective actions and management review.  Increasingly, companies are implementing ISO 14001 to assure their customers that their business is managing their impacts on the environment responsibly.

About the Facilitator:

EMC's Laura Rourke will be using her vast experience and expertise to bring new and exciting ideas and highly value-added services to our Safety Group members. All EMC members will benefit, through SIG initiatives, business briefings and other special events. Laura's personal goal is to continue to help make EMC's Safety Groups "the best in Ontario", while setting a new standard of excellence in providing services to EMC members, most importantly as a full-time in-house resource.

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